Change Management

This process helps you to manage all requests for change within your project.

By putting this change process in place, you'll easily be able to monitor and control the amount of change that takes place.

Within the Change Management Process, each of the key steps for managing change are included. It also tells you how to implement control change, through change approvals and reviews.

By using this Change Process, you can:

Identify requests for change

  • Confirm the feasibility of each change
  • Control the way that change is undertaken
  • Manage the approval of change

This change process is unique ,as it:

    • Provides a template for managing change
    • Fully describes every step in the change process
    • Includes a change process diagram, showing you the steps
    • Defines the responsibilities of change managers
    • Describes the change review and approval process

Using an effective Change Process is a core function in any team, as change impacts on your ability to deliver your objectives, therefore increasing costs and putting pressure on delivery timeframes. To properly control change, this Change Process sets out all of the steps you need to implement, to manage change effortlessly.

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