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Building cost-effective, reliable and secure BI solutions that help to meet business priorities requires a team of technical experts with broad industry experience, who understand your bussiness.

         Shriman Technology team of highly skilled professionals is focused on helping organizations maximize the value from their BI investments. We provide you with the tools, expertise and experience to plan and build the best BI solutions that will help to achieve your business goals in the most efficient, cost effective way.

We provide Consulting Services in the following areas:

BI Review - Business Discovery
         Review and analysis of enterprise business information requirements and optimized BI implementation to meet these requirements in the most efficient and cost effective way. The BI review includes four main aspects: business, data model, technology and working processes.

Enterprise Information Management Master Plan
         Identifying best practice business areas (information, operational and analytics that support the organization's business needs) for an organization and specifying how to implement them depending on current data assets and processes which exist in the organization. Business areas to focus on are: CDI - customer data integration and PMI - product management information

Enterprise Performance Management     

- Guiding an organization through a proven methodology of specifying their objectives and defining key metrics to measure performance at an organizational unit level

- Building an organizational value map by mapping the relationships between the success factors and the business processes.

- Defining strategic and operational KPIs based on best practices in several areas, including: management/finance, service, growth, and customer.

Financial Analytics           

          Defining business methodology and advanced financial models and implementation of BI solutions to address these models such as:

  • Budget planning and control
  • Activity based costing
  • Cost centers management
  • Customer/channel/product profitability management
  • Financial KPIs analysis and data exploration

Customer Analytics
         Identify the relevant enablers for Customer Intelligence in the organization. Specify integrated and holistic view of the customer and his/her behavior as a consumer. Provide guidance for evaluation, implementation and execution of a central multi-channel, multi-type campaign management system. Defining a data mining environment for support of marketing activities, such as customer value, up/cross selling, Next-Best-Offer, propensity to churn, segmentation, and response to campaign probability etc.

BI Competency Center (BICC)
         For improving ROI of BI efforts in big enterprises. Ness builds and coaches the business unit which leads the BI investment and deployment by providing processes, tools, implementation guidance, and report methodologies etc.

Data Architecture
         Building out the full concept of a business language definition, management and deployment (meta data, BI portal) as well as defining the processes and tools that will ensure the reliability, consistency and completeness of the data (DQM, cleansing, data enrichment, etc.)

Risk Management
         For compliance with regulations and improved capital allocation, Ness defines, plans and implements Basel II projects based on a unified platform. We specify the sources and the data model that are needed for building and executing credit risk models (PD, LGD, EAD).

Project Guidance
         Ness acts as a trusted advisor to its client and provides guidance around all aspects of the BI program, including budget, roadmap, presenting and exposing the benefits of the BI to management and ensuring effective implementation process.

Real Time BI
         Updating and integrating information in real time while incorporating rules and business logic in such a way that will allow for:

  • Integration between historical and current data
  • Event analysis, action in proximity to events
  • Quick/immediate response to events


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