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          .Net Framework applications are built on the services of the common language runtime (CLR) and consume functionality of the .Net Framework class library. Main components of the .Net Framework are the CLR and the .Net Framework class library, which include ASP.Net, Windows Forms, ADO.Net for data access and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). .Net Framework provides managed execution environment, simplified development and deployment. .Net framework eases software development by supporting various programming languages like, and 

Benefits of ASP.Net Web Development : 

ASP.Net is basically server side web development technology, yet with introduction of AJAX controls its now delivering solid performance on client side too. There are many advantages of ASP.Net web development when its compared with competing technologies. 
ASP.Net development is less time consuming compared to some other technologies due to lots and lots of functionality is inbuilt in the .Net framework. Market has very good support for ASP.Net web hosting. Another aspect is easy availability of ASP.Net developers. Due to Microsoft's proactive efforts in training .Net professionals, every year thousands of new quality ASP.Net developers are added to pool. 
Major benefit of ASP.Net development is having ample support technology wise and easy availability of required human resources in this segment.


 Shriman Tech has proficiency in developing .net web services. We have developed web services using different database as backend like Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, and Oracle.

          We are proficient in creating as well as consuming the web services in desktop as well as web applications. We have created web services for the purpose of synchronization of different RDBMS records, communication between the heterogeneous systems.

          Web service provides highest degree of abstraction since if we used web services to control the business and data, all these things are hidden from the application and any business change or data change does not affect the application. Web services gives highest reusability of code since same web service can be used among standalone and web application irrespective of the technology they have developed in.


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