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Shriman Technology offers you the best services in html (hypertext markup language) that allows you to post and publish information on the internet. We can convert your files and documents from whatever format they can be posted on the internet. For instance conversion of rtf files or documents to html, ms word to html, word to html where complex word documents are converted into finished html publications. 

HTML conversion helps you to have a format of your files and documents that can be published on the web. The demand for html conversion has increased due to the improvement in technology and access to the internet where companies and organizations are trying to keep up with this upward trend by posting most of their information online. Outsource Data Entry India is proud to have the best techniques and experience of providing high quality data conversion to meet this need by your company or organization. 

HTML Conversion includes following services: 

  • PDF to HTML Conversion
  • Word, DOC to HTML Conversion
  • EXCEL, XLS, CSV to HTML Conversion
  • RTF, TEXT, TXT to HTML Conversion 

          Conversion of text to html helps you to turn newsletters, tables and other documents online. The structure of your document is recognized and reproduced in html format. Things like tables, headings, emphasis and bullets are recognized in the original document and taken note of in the final html document format. The web page formed is fast and renders documents accurately and in the right readable format. This is helpful especially when dealing with large amounts of files. Files and documents are made easy to operate and increasing the convenience of the search on the web. We provide html conversion that allows for several documents to be merged forming one PDF file that is easy to retrieve and operate. The documents that have been converted can be monitored to ensure they are effective enough and give the best results anticipated. They also allow for adjustments where necessary therefore more data or information can be added by the company so long as the right conversion is made on the files.


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