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Tools for Development aims to help you deliver successful development activities and interventions by giving you access to the skills and techniques you will need to do so.

You may need to employ different skills at different times or several skills at the same time. Some are more likely to be employed at the outset, or in the design stage.

Some skills may be employed once; others will need to be revisited and may be revised as the activity or intervention continues. And the skills and techniques you start out with may need to be added to as you progress.

This document began life as an attempt to draw together many people s years of experience undertaking development activity. However, many of the skills outlined here, such as those relating to teamworking, facilitating group activity, influencing and negotiating, or conflict reduction, are ones that you will need in everyday life,whether within DFID or outside it.


They will prove particularly useful when engaged in team-based and multi-disciplinary work that is becoming increasingly the means by which development activity is delivered.

Some skills and techniques, such as Situational Analysis,Risk Assessment, and the ability to complete a logframe, should be regarded as essential professional tools if youare to participate fully in delivering the Millennium Development Goals.

For complex major spending activities, full-scale application of most of the tools may be appropriate. In contrast, for small-scale spending and non-spending activities, it may be more appropriate to apply only a sub-set of the tools in a more limited manner.

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